Hearing God’s Voice

On this episode of The Real Life: Jill and Joe come up with more jingles, we give our recommendation on the new "Mystery Oreos" (spoiler-they're terrible), listener feedback, and we talk about Hearing God's Voice! If you'd like your thoughts, comments or questions to be heard, we'd love to read them so drop us a line at joeandjill.org/contact! Show Notes available at JoeandJill.org


Good Gifts

On this very REAL episode of The Real Life: Crying Babies (sorry), Jill's new business, well built furniture, and our thoughts on God's desire to give Good Gifts! Let us know what you thought, questions, or comments at: Joeandjill.org/contact. (Show Notes available at Joeandjill.org)


On this weeks episode of The Real Life: Joe flexes his handyman muscles, we eat a ludicrous amount of cookie dough, a scientific discussion on what rocks do in a fire pit, and we discuss how to navigate Differences! Let us know what you thought of this episode at joeandjill.org/contact!

Preparing for Victory

On this episode of the Real Life: We discover why baby strollers and Revolving doors don't mix, surprising combinations of pizza toppings, and tips on avoiding temptation and preparing for victory in your life! Questions or comments about this weeks episode? Let us know at JoeandJill.org/contact

Life Changes

This week on the Real Life: We find out which one of us should be doing taglines for a living, Finn starts crawling, and we talk about Life Changes! Leave us a comment at JoeandJill.org/Contact!

Practical Intentionality

This week on The Real Life: Biscuits, Nashville, Prophecy, and our thoughts on what it means to live with Practical Intentionality! Also our first ever listen poll! (Joe is correct btw) Let us know your thoughts at joeandjill.org/contact

Trusting God

On this episode of The Real Life, we break down what it means to trust God and how we often forget how faithful He's been to us. Also, we talk about Totality (aka-not so dark as we hoped part of the eclipse), Finn's growth, friends, and our new Facebook page! Thoughts, comments, or questions for the show? Reach out at JoeandJill.org/contact

The Recap Episode

We're FINALLY back! Sorry to keep you all waiting so long. On this episode of the Real Life, we recap the last several weeks of guests in the house, trips to three states, and more food recommendations than you'll know what to do with! Want to hear more or drop us a line? Head to our website! Joeandjill.org

Filling the Un-fillable Space

Join us this week as we talk about Tacos, our growing obsession with cookie dough, heat waves, and how God desires us not to fill a space He's set apart for Himself! (Let us know what you thought of this episode @ Joeandjill.org/contact)

Michael Adams

This week we have our first guest on the show and talk about what "real" life looks like! Also, USPS, BBQ, and an update on Finn! (Show Notes available at JoeandJill.org)